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1377056_570674073828_2005281532_nFRESH as in fresh start, that’s my word for 2014.

I like the concept of one word to describe what you want to accomplish in 2014. I choose FRESH for a number of reasons.

Starting with this blog. I’ve been away for several months. I’m starting over with a fresh new look, fresh ideas and a fresh approach. I started a blog last year around this time because I was curious. While I had my blog I found that I was much more disciplined in my creative endeavours. I GOT STUFF DONE.  Re-visiting the blog idea, I decided it’s a very good thing for me to do.  It keeps me fresh, gives me direction, inspires me, and I’ve met some incredibly talented people.


When I stopped blogging I was still trying to figure out what I felt was supposed to be doing. I was unemployed, between jobs – or so I thought. The blog helped to give my day direction. I was applying for the few jobs I could find in my field, and many more in anything else, and I wasn’t having any luck. I’d have great phone interviews, then get a real interview and that would be that. I’ve never had a problem getting hired in the past. I  had a milestone birthday last year turning 60!  Age… I am sure has had a lot to do with my lack of success on the job front, that and the fact that this economy still sucks! In June my husband retired, and so did I.  A fresh new start for both of us! Somewhere along the way I quit the blog.

It took me a full year and a half of unsuccessfully looking for a job to come to terms with the fact that I’m done. Done working at a job. Kind of a strange place to be, a nice place if you’ve planned for it. I just hadn’t really planned on retirement, yet. It also took me some time to get used to “time to be free”. That’s where my blog came in last year, and my creativity that had been missing and buried in the day-to-day grind, started to come back. I got it back in part because I had the time that I needed, and from all the inspiration I found from my blogger friends!

So back to fresh. Most importantly, I am going to be a first time Grandmother in a few days! That’s so exciting! Definitely a fresh new thing for me!  If having a grandchild doesn’t bring out the creativeness, nothing will!  I have crocheted a blanket, edge crocheted a receiving blanket (edging was something I’ve always wanted to try), knit two hats, and a cozy cocoon… so far! Can’t wait to start knitting sweaters and sewing baby clothes again!

The new year begins with organization and cleaning. My creative corner in the basement has just received a fresh cleaning and organizing!  Such a good feeling! Time to begin some projects! Only question is which one first?

For most of us, the new year usually begins with some diet plans. I need a fresh start with my diet and exercise. To make the dieting issue easier my lovely daughters (x3) bought me a juice extractor! Oh boy, am I having fun with that! Ginger shots everyday!   I do have a gym membership and lucky for me they just built a fresh new facility closer to my home with three giant swimming pools! I just love swimming! Fresh new baby!  Fresh new me! Fresh new art! Fresh New Year! Cheers here’s to 2014!